Care and support services should be available to help you with:

Who is this Charter for and how should they use it?

Instructions for individuals living with stroke, or a friend or family member


Use the Charter to ask about local health, social care and voluntary services available to you.


You can:
 - print out a copy to show your local service providers
 - send them a copy by email
 - ask them to look at the website -


Instructions for professionals working with people living with stroke, or their friends or family

1. Give people living with stroke and their carers the General and / or Aphasia Friendly (easy access) version.


 - Every stroke unit in Scotland has been sent an initial batch of hard copy General Versions of the Charter for distribution to people using their unit.


- Both General and Aphasia Friendly (easy access) versions of the Charter can be downloaded and printed off.


- You can customise the Aphasia Friendly (easy access) version with photographs of your own service. See instructions below.


2. Use the Charter to help you discuss the services people might need and use after they leave hospital.


3. Go through the Charter with people if necessary, to help them understand the information.


4. Please tell colleagues and others about the Charter.


Using the Aphasia Friendly (Easy Access) version


The Charter itself has been written and designed to make it easy to understand.  If you distribute the Charter please keep it in this format.


We have produced the Charter in a number of different formats to make it more accessible.


This includes an aphasia friendly version.  Please see below instructions for using and customising this version.


It follows the Stroke Association 'Accessible Information Guidelines:  Making information accessible for people with aphasia' (


Use of photographs

Our photographs come mainly from Tayside.  Please do not use them for other purposes.
The stroke exercise photographs were first published in Fitness Training after Stroke, Gillian E Mean and Frederike van Wijck P182 and P186, Copyright Elsevier (2002).
High-Tech communication aid photograph courtesy of Liberator,

Thank you to the people affected by stroke who agreed to their photographs being included in the Easy Access version of the Charter and those who assisted in sourcing them.


How to customise the Aphasia Friendly (Easy Access) version of the Charter using photographs of local services


We have produced a separate template so that you can use your own photographs which may be more meaningful for local people.  Instructions for how to do this are set out below.


If you are going to distribute it widely you will have to check that it is compatible with your own organisation’s communication policy.


However can we stress that the version we have produced follows professional, Stroke Association and user led guidance on best practice in producing accessible information for people living with stroke.


Guide to amending the Aphasia Charter Word version


Start by using “File/Save As…” to create a new version of the Charter document.


To change an image


Click on the image you want to remove and press the “Delete” button on the keyboard.


On the menu bar select “Insert/Picture/From File…”


Use the pop-up “Insert Picture” window to find the replacement image and click “Insert”.


Ensure the picture is set to sit in front of the text by right-clicking the image, selecting “Format Picture…”, clicking the “Layout” tab and selecting “In front of text” from the layout options.


Now resize the image by dragging one of the corner handles. Do not resize using side handles or the image will become distorted.


Ensure the image sits in the centre of the space: with the image selected drag it into place while the four direction icon is displayed.


To change text


The text in each box can be amended but if you are adding more lines you will push the associated image out of place. Resize the image as described in stage 5 above.


Don’t move the boxes or add content between them. They are laid out to print on A4 with spacing which allows the print-outs to be cut into two A5 sheets.


Saving and distributing the file


Once you have amended the Charter we recommend saving it as a PDF if you want to send it as an electronic document. Not all versions of Word can save as PDF.


Please note, Word is not the easiest programme to use for graphic design but we chose to use it because most people have access to it.







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