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Add your public support to the Charter for People Living with Stroke in Scotland

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The Charter for People Living with Stroke in Scotland aims:


- To describe what care and support services should be available to people living with stroke following their discharge from the stroke unit – if they need them and

- To enable service users, MSPs and others to ask about the availability of quality local services.


The more organisations and individuals who support the Charter the more likely it is to have the intended impact.


The Charter has already been fully endorsed by:


- People living with stroke

- Scottish Parliament Cross-Party Group on Heart Disease and Stroke

- Stroke Association

- Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland

- Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

- College of Occupational Therapists

- Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

- Scottish Stroke Allied Health Professions Forum

- Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum


Why support the Charter?


By publicly supporting the Charter your organisation will be identified with an initiative designed to empower individuals and carers to self manage and strengthen services for people living with stroke.

How to express your support for the Charter


Supporting the Charter is free. All you have to do is send the following to


- a positive statement of your chosen wording


- your name, job title and contact details


- a copy of your logo if you have one


- your own website address


Once received your statement, job title, logo and if you wish your website address will then be placed on the website subject to acceptance by the Charter website editor administrators.


In this way your support would be made public. Your statement may also be quoted when promoting the Charter to relevant stakeholders.


Click here to see people who have already expressed their support.


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