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Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland

The ALLIANCE gives its support to the newly established Stroke Charter. We hope that this will encourage support services to personalise the delivery of their service to those affected by Stroke, and believes that within the context of Self Directed Support the Charter can improve individuals’ experience of life after discharge through a truly person centred approach.


Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland -


This is a significant document which all Allied Health Professionals working in Scotland will support and endorse.


Professor Maggie Nicol

Allied Health Professions Federation Scotland AHPFS

The Charter gives people with stroke the information they want and need. Well done for making it clear to people with aphasia (communication impairment).


Eddie Gasowski and Helen Gowland, Speakeasy (Speakability Dundee and North Tayside).

Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists

The Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists wholly support the aims of The Charter for People Living with Stroke in Scotland.


People living with stroke can never get enough clear information and communication support to enable and empower them get back to a life after stroke. By providing clear information this Charter enables and empowers individuals and carers to get the services they need and achieve their recovery goals.


Politicians, councillors and services also need clear information on the services which need to be made available in communities. The Charter can also help to inform and shape integrated service planning and provision in by health boards, social care services and the local voluntary services.


Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists -


We fully support the Charter for People living with stroke in Scotland.  Stroke is the largest cause of complex disability, leaving many people requiring help and support from health and social services, the voluntary sector and other organisations.  The Charter is a document that allows people who have been affected by stroke  know what services and support should be available in their area and empowers people to consider what they might need to make the best possible recovery following stroke. We believe the Charter will help people living with stroke access the health, social care and voluntary sector services they need and empower them to have more control over their lives.


Stroke Association -

I remember only too clearly the feelings of confusion, isolation and being cut adrift which I felt on being discharged from hospital four months after suffering a major stroke. If this Charter helps even one stroke survivor to feel less confused and alone, and to feel empowered to ask for support from health and social care, it will have served its purpose.


Eric Sinclair, stroke survivor and volunteer with the Stroke Association

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy in Scotland

I believe that by assisting people affected by stroke and their families to find the services that they may need following discharge from hospital. The Charter for people living with stroke in Scotland will also help to us to develop and improve our community stroke services to give equal access to high quality evidence-based practice, regardless of location, for those who need it.


Mark Smith

Consultant Physiotherapist

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Scotland

Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum

Rehabilitation, self-management and long-term support from stroke is essential to ensure people affected live as healthy, active and independent lives as possible. The Charter enables people by ensuring awareness and understanding of the care and support services which should be available.


Campbell Chalmers

Chair, Scottish Stroke Nurses Forum

One ‘stroke’ of a brush and I 'disappeared', both physically and emotionally

I was no longer an individual. I was no longer me

I was no longer a person who could care for others.

I was the person who had to be cared for by others.

Stroke is not only a path to be walked upon, but a mountain to be climbed.


With thanks to the effort of professionals and volunteers involved in creating this charter.


Christine Quigg - Stroke Matters Inverclyde

(Affiliated with CHSS and volunteer for the Stroke Association)

CHSS supports this aspirational document, which will help people who have had a stroke to understand the range of services available, and to self-manage their condition.  We already provide a range of services across Scotland to help meet its objectives, including post-discharge specialist support, communication support, advice and information, financial assistance and benefits advice, details of which can be found at


David Clark

Chief Executive

Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland -

College of Occupational Therapists

The Charter for people living with stroke highlights which services in health, social care and the voluntary sector should be available to support people living with stroke in Scotland so that they can be as well, active, independent and confident as possible.  The Charter offers information in an accessible format and enables people to seek high quality services which should be available locally.


Thérèse Jackson

College of Occupational Therapists

The Moray Council welcomes the opportunity to add its endorsement to the charter which sets out what people living with stroke in Scotland have said is important to them.

The charter echoes the partnership approach being taken in Moray to listen, involve and empower individuals – including those living with stroke - to take more control over how they live their lives in communities which support and enable them to take responsibility to live well and manage risks.


We recognise the importance of working in partnership with all sectors of the community to promote information and access to universal services. We continue to focus on early intervention, prevention and reablement so that people are supported early on and in a way that is right for them.


In line with the charter, we work with people who need continuing support – and those who care for them – to plan for a better life and exercise real choice over their care and support.

The Moray Council will promote the charter to staff and residents and endorse its principles to ensure Moray is a place where people who have had a stroke can live well.


Moray Council


We endorse the Charter for People Living with Stroke in Scotland which outlines measures which aim to improve the care and support for those living with stroke.


NHS Dumfries & Galloway -

Scottish Stroke A H P Forum

This Charter will send a positive message to people living with the effects of stroke in Scotland and will help to guide us in our continual review and development of community stroke services


Gillian Alexander,

AHP Stroke Consultant for NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and Chair of Scottish Stroke AHP Forum

The Heart Disease and Stroke Cross Party Group’s Stroke Charter is a welcome contribution to the work being done to improve stroke care in Scotland by putting people who have had a stroke at the centre of their care.


Alex Neil MSP
Cabinet Secretary for Health and Well Being


I strongly support the Carter for People living with Stroke in Scotland. It rightly highlights the role of a wide range of health professionals, all of whom should be available when required for the care and rehabilitation of those who have suffered a stroke. There have been great advances in stroke care over the last few years but further significant improvements will follow if this charter is implemented across Scotland.


Malcolm Chisholm 
MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leith


NHS Forth Valley is committed to continually improving the experience and access to services for people that have had a stroke.  Providing service users, carers and family members with the right information at the right time is an important element in helping people maximise their recovery after a stroke and live as full a life as possible.

The Charter is a useful tool that offers simple, practical information to describe the stroke journey and should help people to get the most out of their local services.  The Charter clearly aims to put the person who has had the stroke at the centre of their journey, which is both powerful and positive.  NHS Forth Valley would be very happy to include the Charter as part of the local stroke folder, which is given to patients when they are in the stroke unit at Forth Valley Royal Hospital.


Stroke Managed Clinical Network Manager, NHS Forth Valley



Different Strokes supports the charter for people with stroke living in Scotland.  We agree that wide-ranging specialist support from a co-ordinated multidisciplinary team should be available to stroke survivors, and their families as appropriate, for as long as it is helping.


Services Manager, Different Strokes



A stroke is a shocking event in a person's life, with long reaching consequences for that person and their family. It is important that people know what to expect when receiving treatment for a stroke, and the Charter is an excellent tool for informing and reassuring parents.



Jayne Baxter
MSP Mid Scotland and Fife

I fully support the Charter for People Living with Stroke in Scotland. Access to information about what support is available to those living with stroke is invaluable and I hope this Charter helps raise awareness.

The Heart Disease and Stroke Cross Party Group’s Stroke Charter can only pave the way for further developments in stroke care and positively enrich the lives of those who have suffered a stroke.



Dave Thompson

MSP for Skye, Lochaber and Badenoch (SNP)

Western Isles Carers, Users & Supporters Network (WICUSN) whole heartedly supports the Charter for People Living with Stroke in Scotland.  Several of our members are carers for Stroke victims and are very aware of how, following discharge from hospital, people who have had a stroke and left with considerable disability are dropped from any therapeutic care despite their willingness to continue working to regain ability and some independence.

WICUSN has for many years been advocating that a much more positive attitude to stroke recovery needs to be demonstrated by professionals with therapies continued albeit on long term review.


Jinty Morrison

Chair -  Western Isles Carers, Users & Supporters Network

Talking Mats fully supports the Stroke Charter, which is an important document for all people living with stroke in Scotland. It will encourage service providers to put the people they are working with at the centre of care and will encourage them to listen to them every step of the way.


Talking Mats -


Everyone in Scotland who has experienced a stroke should know what services are available to them; the Charter provides a clear and concise description of what all local services should provide during rehabilitation and in the long term care of those living with the effects of stroke.


As Convenor of the Cross Party Group for Heart Disease & Stroke, I was delighted to get the Cabinet Secretary to commit to ensuring we continue to support the role of the Charter.


Dennis Robertson MSP



There are a raft of services available from both the professional and voluntary services which a person living with stroke might need after they leave hospital but they won’t necessarily know about them, or whether they could be receiving them.


This Charter makes clear to people living with stroke and their carers what types of professional support should be available to them if they need it.


I commend those who did a fantastic job putting this charter together.


Duncan McNeil
Convenor of the Health & Sport Committee

Member of the Scottish Parliament for Greenock & Inverclyde



Therapy Directory welcomes the publication of the Stroke Charter.  Therapy Directory is dedicated to putting individuals who are searching for a practitioner in touch with a professional who is both qualified and suitable for their needs. In addition, we are also passionate about increasing awareness of the positive benefits of complementary and alternative therapies used to treat a wide range of problems.

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